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Why Pizza Garden?

At Pizza Garden, we are not just a successful, profitable, and proven business model, we are much more than that.

We pride ourselves on a culture of collaboration, unity, involvement, commitment, and clear communication. We value and respect our relationships and continuously seek unique and innovative ways to launch our franchisees to new heights of success. When we work together, we all succeed!

Our success has always been a true labor of love, friendships, and family. From our very first store opening to our newest stores. We have always maintained strong and long-lasting relationships with all of our franchise partners.

All members of the Pizza Garden brand are dedicated and integral to Pizza Garden’s continued business success.

Our Mission

To serve quality, artisan Neapolitan pizza, by utilizing the finest ingredients in our recipes, and incorporating a fully integrated & disciplined approach to attain unparalleled quality and taste.

At Pizza Garden, we are changing the game of the Pizza business.... quality ingredients, artistic technique, innovative & futuristic business strategies... all while preserving the taste and authenticity of the true Neopolitan Pizza.

Kubilay Demirel, Founder & CEO Pizza Garden