pizzagarden pizza


Pizza Gardens’ Research & Development team are continuously working on new creations to captivate and satisfy the pizza consumer and push the envelope in quality and innovation to excel in the pizza industry.

We strive to keep our menus unique by creating new artisan flavors and exciting our customers’ taste buds to keep them coming back for more.

Pizza Garden’s signature techniques and top-quality ingredients are essential to our continuous success. We use top quality flour imported from Italy, handmade tomato sauce using the freshest vine-ripened tomatoes, meats sourced from British Columbia’s finest farms and Italian meat imports, and locally sourced market fresh vegetables.

Pizza Garden’s expertise in the pizza industry and researched knowledge of what our customers needs and expectations are, have led us to create a diverse menu bursting with delicious hand-crafted, artisan, stone oven- baked, Neapolitan style pizzas.


Excellence in building and planning have been Pizza Garden’s standard from the beginning.

With our high-quality food product, we provide our franchisees high-quality stores to match. This includes location, construction, design, and finishing.

We use our expertise to create a business for you from start to finish. By choosing the best location and demographic, high quality construction and design, complete with full inventory and equipment, and ready for the first day of opening. From the smallest detail, a turn-key operation, we set you up for success in owning your own business...your own Pizza Garden pizza franchise.


Pizza Garden has strong, loyal relationships with local suppliers to provide you with regular fresh inventory and regular/timely deliveries to aid in keeping immediate store stock levels low, thereby keeping ingredients at their freshest when used.

Our relationships mean that you can create the best quality pizza, at its freshest, and at the most profitable rate for your business. From food service to store operations we keep things easy and affordable to maximize profitability for all franchisees.


We support you in every aspect of training in order to propel franchisees to success. Solid training is essential in the creation and operations of a successful Pizza Garden store, and we provide that. Our business and training programs are tailored by and administered via our expert business and training managers.

We offer our franchisees 8 weeks of comprehensive operational, turn-key business training prior to opening your store, this ensures franchisee confidence and business success.

Full training schedule consists of:

  • 5 weeks operations training
  • 2 weeks financial training
  • 1 week of community marketing training

We support you every step of the way when training to open your store, and every step of the way beyond that. Our dedication to your success is unrivaled and communications with our franchisees is the root of our successful business model.


Pizza Garden franchisees have the benefit of working with our dedicated in-house creative marketing and design team. Our team delivers strategic and integrated marketing and advertising campaigns via promotional print product, digital material, social media campaigns, and online advertising.

We tailor your marketing and advertising campaigns directly to your demographic to secure your market niche and to promote the overall success of the brand.