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Authentic Neapolitan Pizzas

A top-class authentic Neapolitan pizzeria requires three things: great people, great location and great ingredients. Pizza Garden has all three.

Kubilay Demirel is a true pizza expert. Having started Megabite Pizza 14 years ago he has come to know a thing or two about pizzas and pizza restaurants. His desire to sell Vancouver's most authentic and best Neapolitan pizza led him to opening Pizza Garden in early 2011. Together with some of Vancouver's best pizza chefs, Kubilay has created a unique dining experience for lovers of great Italian pizza.

Located in the heart of Vancouver's downtown core, Pizza Garden is the city's only authentic Neapolitan restaurant. We cater to people who are looking for a great meal, a great atmosphere and a great experience without breaking the bank. Our prices are comparable with restaurants with vastly inferior food so why settle for less?

  If you would rather eat in, Pizza Garden will deliver your food straight to your
door so you can enjoy the perfect pizza at home.
  The Secret
  What really makes a great pizza are the ingredients. We use nothing but the
best ingredients to ensure our pizzas taste better than any other pizza in
Vancouver. We use the world's best flour imported especially from Italy.
Our tomato sauce is made using fresh, vine-ripened tomatoes. All of our
meats are sourced from Italy or from the best farms British Columbia has
to offer. The vegetables are all fresh and never frozen.
  Each pizza is made to order by our expert chefs and then cooked in an
authentic Italian-style wood-burning oven to create a flavour unlike any
other in the city.
    Let the people decide
    But it's not just us who are raving about our restaurant, our customers are too:
  "Pizza Garden knows how to do it right. Perfect crust with great tasting
toppings and in the perfect amount. Everyone do yourself a favour and
try this place out." - Review on dinehere.ca
    "It's about time somebody made pizzas properly in Vancouver. It's my
new favourite pizzeria in the city." - Jeff, Vancouver
    "My Italian grandparents were visiting from Rome and I took them to
Pizza Garden and they claimed it was "as good as pizza from Italy"
which is as high a recommendation as it gets." - Sophia, Vancouver
    Our Mission
    Our mission is to make Vancouver's best pizza. We think we have succeeded
but why don't you try for yourself? We're sure you'll agree.

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Pizza Garden is a locally owned and operated Pizza restaurant. For franchising information or comments and suggestions,
e-mail us: info@pizzagarden.ca. Pizza Garden Vancouver, BC, Canada